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Corporate user product

Unlimited users per company

Maintenance included for 1 year

  • View & search AFP documents
  • Reorder AFP pages
  • Customize toolbar
  • Integrate with Papyurs WebRepository

Single user product

One user per company

Maintenance according to contract

  • View & search AFP documents
  • Reorder AFP pages
  • Customize toolbar
  • Integrate with Papyurs WebRepository

Free product

One user for private use

No maintenance included

  • View & search AFP documents

Papyrus AFP Viewer

Papyrus AFP Viewer is the industry standard tool for viewing and printing of AFP files. With unprecedented viewing quality and processing speed, Papyrus AFP Viewer provides true WYSIWYG results.

Papyrus Software provides also a free version of the AFP Viewer as a service to the IT community using AFP files. If you need it for professional use, choose one of the company user options.

Key highlights of the free Papyrus AFP Viewer:

  • View AFP files with Windows application
  • Print AFP documents to any Windows printer
  • Support for files with *.afp extension or with "application/afp" MIME type
  • View AFP files with original document resources without font substitution
  • View AFP documents with embedded PDF pages
  • Attach annotation stickers and comments to AFP pages
  • Full text search and regular expression search
  • Filter and search through TLE-indexed documents in large AFP files
  • Display list of resources used in a document

About AFP

AFP or Advanced Function Presentation is a document presentation architecture that offers independence from specific applications and devices for digital document and information presentation. Particularly important in driving new industry initiatives and business requirements for the creation of mission-critical documents such as bills, statements and policies, etc., AFP has powerful advantages over other printing architectures as it supports the full range of high speed printers down to desktop printers, output integrity and centralized, automated resource management.

If you need help or have feedback do not hesitate to contact afpviewer@isis-papyrus.com.

Install Papyrus AFP Viewer

After you have submitted the product request you will receive further details by email. If you selected the freeware a download link (MSI file) will be provided including the AFP Viewer Freeware Installation and Reference Guide.

Free AFP Viewer

The free AFP Viewer download is for use by you and solely on your own PC, no distribution is permitted - see Terms of Use

Release notes

  • Corrected rotation of Human Readable Information (HRI) in barcodes:

    In some cases, characters in the barcodes using HRI were rotated incorrectly. This issue has been solved, and now all characters with HRI are displayed correctly.

  • Display of AFPs with 2-up duplex corrected:

    When viewing AFPs with a 2-up duplex setting, the pages were not displayed correctly due to a page break inserted between the left and right pages. This behavior has been corrected, and now all pages are displayed correctly.

  • Incorrect display of character baseline positions with wrong descender definition in third-party AFPs corrected:

    When displaying AFPs created by third-party software containing incorrect descender definitions, the character baseline position might not have been displayed correctly, leading to misaligned characters. This behavior has been corrected, and now all characters are displayed correctly aligned.

  • IS/3 compliance check: button renamed and description improved:

    The AFP validation button was renamed to "AFP IS/3 compliance" to emphasize that it's an IS/3 compliance check of the AFP. The button has been removed from the Options toolbar but can be made visible using a command-line parameter. Additionally, the description has been substantially enriched.

  • Group indices: display corrected:

    Group indices were previously listed on more than the first page of the group. While technically not incorrect, this behavior has been changed. Now, group indices are only displayed on the first page of the group.

  • Corporate product authorization available:

    For a more versatile use of the AFP Viewer capabilities, a corporate product authorization has been introduced. This authorization allows sharing the product between different users and grants access to Papyrus Support channels for 1 year. If the product authorization is unavailable or expired, Papyrus AFP Viewer runs in freeware mode and displays the message: "No corporate use. Personal use only."

  • Plugin no longer included in installation package:

    Due to changing support for plugins in modern web browsers due to security, performance, and stability issues, the plugin previously included in the installation package until version 7.7 SP2 is no longer offered.

  • For documents that use outline fonts to display rotated text the display of the rotated text was improved.
  • The display of indices in the Document tree window was consolidated.
  • Switch between duplex and simplex view

    With the new drop-down menu in the View toolbar you can switch between duplex and simplex view. If duplex is defined, by default front page and back page are arranged side by side. With simplex view, the document pages (front page and back page) are arranged one after the other.

  • Sticker text is always visible

    With the new menu item Set view stickers text mode in the View toolbar you now have the possibility to always display the sticker text with the sticker without having to click or point on the sticker. By default, sticker text is only displayed, when you click on the sticker or move the mouse pointer over it.