Meet our keynote speakers

Hans Schlömer
Product Owner
HDI AG Cologne, IT

HDI Germany

Dipl. Kaufmann, since 1997 in IT at Gerling, HDI-Gerling and HDI respectively Product Owner "Basis Business Process Automation

digiFlow – digital self-services for a new customer experience


To enable HDI insurance customers to use well-designed and easy-to-use self-services in our online customer portal, we are currently establishing an HTML workflow solution using the Papyrus ACM Business Designer. Supported by Papyrus experts, we are implementing the necessary connections to the caller including token authorization, relevant data sources and our existing automation pipelines. We are excited to report on our progress and future plans to use the new system in many other use cases within our agile business environment.

Sabrina Blaukopf
Director New Technologies
Papyrus Software

Papyrus Software

Sabrina Blaukopf has spent more than 20 years with Papyrus Software, where she took the opportunity to learn and work in a large spectrum of the software business, such as customer support, requirements engineering, application development, as well as management of development teams. After obtaining a degree in information systems, she is now head of product design and development for Papyrus Software’ new technologies. Her passion and oversight for new and innovative products form the cornerstones of the innovative next generation product 'Papyrus Converse' that, together with the unique capabilities of the powerful Papyrus Platform, will empower businesses to shape their successful future through innovative corporate applications in the digital age.

Annemarie Pucher
Chief Executive Officer
Papyrus Software

Papyrus Software

Annemarie Pucher is co-founder and CEO of ISIS Papyrus Group and has spent 33 years managing the worldwide sales and marketing of the unique content- and process-driven Papyrus platform enabling Omni-Channel Business Communication and Adaptive Case Management solutions. She studied law at the University of Vienna in Austria and began her career at IBM in software training at IBM Austria. She also managed product marketing in the Austrian electronics industry and is a worldwide speaker on business-enabling technology for Customer Engagement and Communication as well as efficient Digital Transformation considering Business Value Streams.

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Volker Fürst
Head of Core Banking Services
Fondsdepot Bank

Enterprise-wide consolidation of business communications


In an ongoing digitization process, Fondsdepot Bank uses the Papyrus CCM platform and Papyrus Business Designer to streamline and consolidate business documents, design and deliver interactive forms and letters across all channels from pre-printed forms to web front-ends, and provide high-quality on-demand formatting for 24/7 business applications.


Marci Maddox
Research Vice President

Content Accessible Anytime From Anywhere


Marci Maddox is Research Vice President, Digital Experience Strategies, for IDC. She is responsible for research related to content and media assets that drive relevant, personalized, and engaging digital experiences research. Marci's core research coverage will include creative tools, web content management systems, customer communications, digital asset management and video platform solutions. Leveraging 18 years in content and experience applications, Marci will analyze impact that new technology entrants like AI and mobile have on the way organizations create and deliver persuasive content to improve customer lifetime value and user interaction. She conducts research on a worldwide scale including market sizing and forecasting, ROI models, case studies, multi-client studies, and thought leadership projects.


Freddie van Rijswijk
Senior Manager Business Applications
Papyrus Software

Freddie van Rijswijk is Senior Manager Business Applications, focused on Digital Innovations that enable companies to improve their Business Value Streams. In his role Freddie is the bridge between software and solution development within ISIS Papyrus and the market needs and trends. Freddie has been with ISIS Papyrus since 2008 and has a Master's degree in Information & Knowledge (AI) Technology and 30+ years of experience in IT including a Senior Manager position at Accenture and worked before as Solution Architect, Solution Designer, Software Developer and Project Manager for consulting and software firms.


Rob Browne
Senior Manager - Project Quality Assurance
Papyrus Software

Rob Browne is a distinguished expert across all CCM topics with more than 20 years of experience in the Software and Consulting Industry. His expertise ranges from consulting and project management to highly complex project implementations. Many organizations have benefited from Rob’s best practice approach and exceptional expertise in the field of design and implementation, as well as consolidation and migration, achieving outstanding deployment experiences and success.


Lion Hummer
Advisory Consultant
Papyrus Software

Lion Hummer is an Advisory Consultant at Papyrus Software and has joined back in 2017. Deep technical knowledge, gained from his previous experiences as a software engineer paired with the master’s degree in Business Administration, he pursued from Warwick Business School (UK) allows him to function as a bridge between business and IT. He thrives when it comes to scoping customer needs and meeting stakeholder expectations. Over the last years he successfully planned, executed, and managed transformational projects for clients across industries in Europe and North America.


Victor Abraham

Victor Abraham is an experienced consultant at Papyrus Software, involved in the high-level design and implementation of Papyrus Solutions. With a Bachelors' Degree in Software Engineering from The University Of Texas (Dallas) and a fascination for software technology from a young age, Victor is very driven to understanding the customers' business processes and accomplishing the software requirements. He is a certified Papyrus Document Designer and Papyrus Object Engineer Professional.