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Next-Generation Self-Service for Personalized Experiences

Papyrus delivers real-time, personalized employee and customer experiences through easy-to-use digital services and self-service. Customers want control of their information anytime and anywhere to update their address, submit and review claims, view past bills and statements, and more. They expect a contextualized and personalized experience in a two-way communication channel of their choice.

Our modern content strategy ensures that the content is:

  • Always available everywhere, regardless of the point of origin and location
  • Classified and contextualized with extracted data and insights
  • Presented to the right user at the right time
  • Protected with security and privacy controls
  • Auditable for regulatory compliance
  • Integrated into the digital workplace and core business systems where the work is done

Self-Service for Customers and Employees

A modern content services platform such as Papyrus offers a native self-service portal, which brings together all interactions and activities related to the customer's inquiry in a single place. The portal helps customers take quick action and view online policies, contracts, invoices, or other personal data, all stored behind a secure digital front door.

Data such as customer engagement history and preferences is used to align products, services, and action with individual interests while building trusted relationships with customers by taking care of customer data and privacy. Self-service capabilities include instant electronic signature directly from within the portal and edelivery of documents with notification via SMS and/or email. Employees can generate a message to a customer and include the secure document link or integrate documents directly into an approval chain.

A wide range of functionalities, including digital value streams, can be offered as part of the self-service portal, allowing customers to start business transactions directly from there. Customers benefit from fast, seamless processes without media discontinuity, and companies reap the benefits of low-effort, time-saving, and cost-saving digital processing entirely without manual effort and paper.

Values delivered:

Enterprise Content Service, data protection and archive

The Papyrus platform is a single solution that accommodates all three use cases of self-service for customers and employees, enterprise content services for work, and data protection and archive for legal compliance.

Supports a variety of business activities

The solution provides content service applications and components to support a variety of business activities including customer communications, case management, contract life-cycle management, capture and e-signature provided via Papyrus Sign.

Business First

is supported by a single Business Designer tool that unifies document design, data capture design, process design, content design, and operations design in one.

Enables business teams to self-serve their needs

The tool was built with the business user in mind and enables business teams to self-serve their needs to create and improve customer-centric communications, content, and processes for real-time digital and traditional business activities across the enterprise.

Real-time, online collaboration

is provided for both in-office and remote workers and customers with a codeless visual interface to drag and drop fields from images into data elements and rich media, such as video, which can be annotated for clarity, allowing everyone across the digital value chain to stay informed.

Desktop, browser, mobile app

Workers and customers can access all enterprise content via the desktop, browser, or mobile app for immediate self-service according to their security profile.

Direct printing, faxing or sending

All customer documents can be directly printed, faxed, or sent by email directly from the Papyrus WebArchive.