Building Better Digital Business Solutions: Your 3 Essential Mindsets

Digital transformation requires us to look at how we work today and asks the question, how we might work tomorrow? Are you making the most of your digital business applications and communication channels?

Forrester Consulting conducted a survey of 216 decision-makers responsible for business process automation/optimization and digitization in global organizations across Europe and the USA. In this commissioned study Mind-Shift: Building Digital Business Applications At Speed And Scale published in November 2020, here are the three key finding:

  1. Business process automation drives strategic business goals, but traditional approaches to automation fail due to slow development, stretched IT resources and output that misses business objectives.
  2. Virtually all struggle to automate processes due to misalignment between IT and the business, lengthy/inefficient processes and a lack of tools to move the needle on automation initiatives.
  3. To successfully compete in the digital business, firms need to invest in technologies that support fast development of digital applications and put the business in control to self-serve its needs.

The study shows that 'Improving the customer experience (CX)' and 'Supporting digital transformation initiatives' are the biggest drivers of business process automation and digitization efforts in enterprises today. For 85% of decision-makers, responding faster to business needs is a high priority, 74% want to reduce time to market, and 66% want to reduce the backlog of digital business applications. By focusing on these priorities, companies will move the needle on their business modernization initiatives.

The conclusion: Companies that use tools in support of business users are more adaptable and agile in achieving their strategic goals. The business-focused paradigm helps with implementation and drives successful automation, and most importantly, it creates the foundation for an adaptable, digitized enterprise that is critical to business success today.

Papyrus Software empowers organizations to achieve Digital Transformation in Customer Communications and in building Business Value Streams with Adaptive Case Management. See for yourself and experience a new way of working and a mind-shift when building any new business application with Papyrus Converse.

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