Mastering document design across applications and channels

Whether you’re designing personalized business documents for high volume or real time interactive generation, or migrating and adopting existing documents for digital and physical delivery, powerful and non-technical designer tools for document creators are a key to time to market.

Managing content in a central library for reuse and consistency of personalized interactions across multiple channels is business-critical and a vital enabler in your Customer Communications Management (CCM) strategy.

But many companies don’t know where to start and struggle to unify and consolidate their enterprise output across print and digital. Business departments often still use MS Word® or some other manual process to create customer letters. They wait weeks or months for a simple change to an important customer document template because only IT can handle the request.

IT departments support multiple business application systems, each with its own unique templates for document creation, workflow, distribution and archiving capabilities. It’s difficult for the business to respond to customer requests because the documents they received are programmed in the core system, to which they have no access.

IT must maintain homegrown document creation systems in Assembler, C, Cobol or Visual Basic, and business units rely on IT to make simple, one-word changes to document templates, which requires an expensive programmer.

These challenges require a solid CCM platform that allows the reuse of content and separates the document application and its workflow from the core system. The integration with business applications is loosely coupled by Web services, DB and file interfaces, supporting both XML and legacy business data. Creating and managing highly personalized customer interactions across digital and print channels with orchestration can be non-technical and collaborated with business teams and IT.

Please take a few minutes to watch these three tutorial videos. Trust me - it's worth it.

Business Document Application Design
Business Forms Application Design (Web & PDF)
Business Correspondence/Letter writing

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