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Creativity is a great way to solve problems, innovate new solutions and bring purpose to work. We have access to tools and a real opportunity to contribute and create change. Creativity always works better than anything else we could try. This is a call to make a difference – difference in terms of the product and service quality, in terms of speed of innovation, as well as in terms of the customer and employee experience.

The Business Designer tool puts the Business in control and enables business users to self-serve their needs, and create and improve customer-centric communications and processes for real-time digital and traditional business. Supervised training of the machine in the drag-and-drop designer automates and extracts data from incoming unstructured emails, PDFs and scans. Now any organization can rapidly deliver complete business value streams that meet their specific needs, harnessing the full power of the Papyrus Digital Platform and its graphical tools.

  • Business document design: Business teams take control of document creation and template management to achieve faster time-to-market, quickly handle change requests and deliver the message across all print and digital channels.
  • Data capture: Specializes in data capture and OCR needs during content and case management operations. By using AI-assisted functionality, business users can train the system by example and ad-hoc define which document types when they are needed, by creating new extraction definitions and/or add new index fields to the existing communication on the fly.
  • Process design: Enables employees to apply their expertise and use adaptive ‘Design by Doing’ to create exactly what they need when they need it. Enterprise teams can use the Business Designer tool to jump-start the creation of adaptive process solutions and rapidly define business value streams with automation and orchestration of processes integrated with data from core systems and Omni-channel communications.
  • Business application design: Low code environment for business analysts to quickly build their ideas and create custom business applications using business language and rules over code. With easy access to expert technology through a radically simplified interface, users can create their own conversational business applications, delivering outcomes at speed and scale with no coding needed.
  • Automated document factory: Operators define and deploy multi-channel delivery processes.

I encourage you to ask for a live demo or join a hands-on workshop to learn more. Check on next available options here.

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