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Achieve full automation

Train the machine with pattern recognition to achieve high automation of unstructured documents and emails. The Papyrus Business Designer specializes in supporting data capture and OCR needs during content and case management operations, without requiring IT involvement.

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Data Capture

Why Business Designer for inbound mail data capture?

  • Supervise training of the machine
  • Enable User trained technology with pattern recognition (AI)
  • Simple WYSIWYG Designer for non-technical users
  • Support document diversity (fixed form & freeform)
  • Define fast, easy extraction definitions
  • Increase efficiency, processing time
  • Achieve high automation of unstructured documents and emails
  • Design the process and execute – mail arrives in user's inbox
  • Ensure full business orchestrate

Discover Papyrus Business Designer for data capture

BDO Case Study

Inbound Automation


BDO Case Study

Capture Business Designer Tutorial


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Papyrus Business Designer
Papyrus Business Designer
Papyrus Business Designer
Papyrus Business Designer