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... operational flexibility to improve customer service and profitability (CeTIF - ISIS Papyrus)

The aim of this white paper written by MARKESS International for ISIS Papyrus is to uncover the reality behind adaptive case management and describe how it helps a company to rise to current and future challenges.

Companies today have to incorporate into their strategy two key characteristics of the env-ronment they work in: complexity and unpredictability. While a good number of the key processes of companies and administrations are customer-oriented and more or less stand-ardised, the management of customer cases, even the simplest ones, has not been facilitated by this and has to contend with a variety of internal and external parameters: infor-mation, players involved in customer relations, the rules to be applied.

In order to cope optimally with this unstable environment, companies must therefore become more agile and responsive to quickly adapt to change, but also in order to give autonomy to the different players involved in customer relations.

Although still relatively unknown in the broader market, adaptive case management (or ACM) should gradually impose itself as a strategic brick or even a foundation of the business information system. The advantages that result go beyond the frontiers of the company to partners, even more so when this adaptive case management is steered from a dedicated solution that provides a 360° view of all the parameters involved in customer relations, not to mention the fact that adaptive case management can easily be applied to other business processes such as human resources, logistics or procurement.

About MARKESS International

MARKESS International is a consultancy and marketing services company specialized in analyzing the impact of digital technology on the transformation and modernisation of organizations, private and public. With offices in Washington, D.C. and Paris, MARKESS International provides support for project managers to gain a better understanding of information technology in order to take advantage of the latest developments and for suppliers, to allow them to draw up an optimal strategy to target these markets. In 2002, on the strength of its experience and know-how in the use of IT in government in the USA and its knowledge of the impact of new technology on private sector companies, MARKESS International launched a practice dedicated to analyzing government and public sector markets.

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