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Forrester's evaluation of business process and case management automation revealed that while enterprises recognize that their crucial experts - knowledge workers - are vital to success, this modern breed of employee is not fully supported with appropriate information and process tools, leaving a need for more dynamic processes and continuous change.

In-depth surveys conducted during Q3 2010 in US and UK companies with more than 1,000 employees gathered responses from a cross-section of key knowledge workers across the enterprise:

  • Application architects
  • Case management specialists
  • Business process architects
  • Information architects

With goal-oriented process management heading a list of advanced technologies desired to improve processes, enterprises invest in knowledge workers to influence and enable specific business outcomes and payoffs (in order of ranking):

  • Up-selling and cross-selling
  • Raising service quality
  • Producing more work with less staff
  • Better adapting to changes in the business
  • Reducing risk and increasing compliance
  • Adding new products and services

In this evaluation report, Forrester not only examines the needs, challenges and common barriers faced in supporting and improving knowledge work in the enterprise, but also proposes changes and shifts in the business, technology and IT infrastructure that may successfully drive knowledge work toward shared business goals and progress.

Highlights of the 2011 findings

from Forrester’s market survey and evaluation on enterprise knowledge work:

  • More than 50% lack coordination of data, content, workflow and rules between information systems
  • Almost half report that business process changes occur at least monthly
  • 38% report that annual process change costs are twice the cost of initial installation – an additional 1/3 do not know or measure these costs
  • Changing rules within an organization often hinders or slows process changes
  • Heavy IT support is still required for 57-67% of changes and updates
  • 68% want their knowledge workers to be able to create new process and case management solutions

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