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... operational flexibility to improve customer service and profitability (CeTIF - ISIS Papyrus)

CeTIF (Research Center for Technology, Innovation, and Finance of the University Cattolica of Milan) researches in 2011, deal about claims management have identified some evolutionary trends such as:

  • process innovation is still today the most important element in the evolution of the management and payment for claims;
  • technology takes on an increasingly important role in process improvement (portals to liquidators, Trustees, etc.) in both applications and infrastructure;
  • the specialization of the Trustees (coachworks and doctors) and the channeling of the claims practices are taking place in accordance with criteria of competence and ability rather than territory;
  • there are significant investments in educational policies aimed at improving the technical management of the casualty and negotiation skills of liquidators.

Although the desire and efforts by companies to innovate the ways of management and liquidation of claims have been considerable, we must consider the many exogenous and endogenous elements that influenced these changes. The normative evolution, in particular the extension of direct compensation to new cases, has made a paradigm shift within insurance companies especially in claims management. Damaged people aimed directly at their company to be compensated. In this way claim become an opportunity to provide an excellent service to the customer. Claim, in fact, is perceived by the customer as a moment of verification of commitments from their company. In this way we shift, then, from an approach that identified the claim as merely cost center to one where, instead, it is considered as a strategic point for the management of customer relationships. On the other hand, cannot be overlooked the increasing push to ensure balance in technical management of companies and consequently a growing attention to the liquidative phases and the economic benefits that can be obtained through their optimization.

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