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Join us at the Forrester Technology & Innovation Virtual Conference EMEA 2021 on November 17-18, 2021, to explore emerging innovation and creativity trends, and how business empowerment and new low-code/low-complexity technologies can help you accelerate digital business. In the case studies you will hear how your peers are preparing for the future, while expert presentations will tackle pressing issues and show how to shape the adaptive work style.

This forum is relevant to technology leaders, innovators, as well as business and strategy leaders looking into making a difference – a difference in terms of product and service quality, in terms of speed of innovation, as well as in achieving excellent customer (CX) and employee (EX) experiences:

Who will attend?

  • CIOs, Chief Technology Officers, Enterprise Architects and Chief Digital Officers
  • VPs, directors of digital teams and line of business leads with digital responsibility
  • CEOs, Chief Operating Officers, and other operational leaders with an interest in how technology and innovation will impact business growth

Marketplace Village

Modern Platforms: Papyrus Converse

Creative Strategy: Business Designer

People Experience: Content Services/Collaboration


Unleash Your Creativity -
Papyrus Business Designer

How to Support Your Clients and Employees in the Digital World

Mind-Shift: Building Digital Business Applications At Speed And Scale

Case Study

Utmost Life and Pensions Case Study
Transforming Customer Services to a modern, multichannel workflow solution
Utmost Life and Pensions transformed their customer service process to respond on digital and physical channels with a high-quality consistent customer experience. Learn more

Rob Browne, Senior Manager Project Quality Assurance

Business Results Achieved:

  • Move from mainframe to server-based systems
  • Meet customer needs through cost-efficient and scalable operating model transforming customer service
  • Provide a foundation for online client servicing

Papyrus at Utmost Life & Pensions

Spotlight Theater

From Request to Closure Across Channels, Enterprise and Time
Digital Business Value Streams are central to new customer business. Whether a bank loan, insurance policy, claim or leasing contract - customers benefit from fast, seamless processes and connected real-time experience without media breaks. Papyrus enables your organization to define any type of business value streams. See how to use Papyrus Business Designer harnessing the full power of the Papyrus Digital Platform to kick-start delivery of new business processes and templates for each of your business value streams – from customer request to closure.

From Request to Closure Across Channels, Enterprise and Time

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For more information on Forrester Technology & Innovation EMEA, please visit the host's Conference Page.

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