ISIS Papyrus CEO Annemarie Pucher: Papyrus Ticketing, the way to Customer Engagement excellence

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Photo: Annemarie Pucher, CEO, ISIS Papyrus Software

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Most customer service solutions can’t keep up with today’s customer engagement requirements. Customers want to experience a fast and right response the first time using their preferred communication channel. Companies are looking to deliver satisfying and accurate Services with increased employee productivity.

The Papyrus Ticketing Solution: PDF

A ticket can be a reported issue, a question, an inquiry, a defect or a change request processed over a period of time to achieve a solution or any other type of complex activity before being “completed”. The out-of-the box Papyrus Ticketing framework is fast to implement, adaptable and configurable and unlike alternatives provides your customer the OMNI channel communication experience.

Papyrus OMNI Channel Platform: PDF

Papyrus connects customer needs to the right people and Systems, guiding users through step–by-step interactions. A unified single user interface with a 360-degree view of the ticket case maximizes employee productivity. They can work much faster and more accurately having all information needed at their fingertips The integrated award winning ACM Framework delivers adaptive process for exception handling functionality, compliance rules, user authorization by role and skill profile for collaborative work across departments. Ticket cases can have related tickets or dependent sub-tickets all accessed directly from the displayed ticket.

Papyrus ACM Adaptive Case Management building business solutions using ACM.

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