Annemarie Pucher CEO ISIS Papyrus: Let Business take ownership of mission critical documents

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Photo: Annemarie Pucher, CEO, ISIS Papyrus Software

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Business documents are mission critical and sit at the heart of your applications. Much too often IT is engaged in time-intensive document services that are considered a technical job. Such service can take too long, be too expensive and are inflexible. Often IT does not have the resources, and the work must be outsourced.

The Papyrus Business Designer and the Correspondence Framework Solution let business users take ownership of all document output an organization has. Business users have drag-and-drop capabilities and variable selection from a drop-down menu. They design, maintain, extend, change and sign-off templates, layouts, tables and text building blocks.

Integrated versioning, change and release management allows to deploy document changes at any point in time into production without having to wait for a new general release.

Papyrus Business Designer – Live Demo.

Consolidation is achieved! Document layout and building blocks are created only once and reused across templates for print/Web/email/PDF. This ensures corporate design consistency, efficiency, precision and quality.

Watch this short live demo and see how it’s done.

And there is more good news!
We want to encourage organizations to empower their business users. Therefore ISIS Papyrus delivers with each Papyrus Designer Package one Business Designer free of charge. All Papyrus customers under maintenance using the Papyrus Designer Package will receive this new product added to their package.


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