ISIS Papyrus CEO Annemarie Pucher: Machine assisted E-mail and Document Capture

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Photo: Annemarie Pucher, CEO, ISIS Papyrus Software

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The California-based healthcare technology organization Dexcom receives more than 5,000 documents daily that need to be processed within 24 hours. E-mails which can have multiple documents attached – such as Assignment of Benefits, Certificate of Medical Necessity, patient information, etc. – are distributed across the organization. Manual handling of incoming information used to take four days of processing time for each day’s document workload.

After thorough market research, Dexcom deployed the Papyrus Intelligent Capture technology that effectively trains machines to recognize documents and messages, reducing processing time from four days to four hours.

Case Study: Machine assisted intelligent E-mail and Document Capture at Dexcom

Training machines to recognize documents and messages while continuously optimizing data capture is a remarkable technology to increase efficiency.

Video: Inbound Mail Automation

Papyrus integrated Process Management learns over time what your experts actually do when a certain document arrives or a particular state is recognized - or when an exception is encountered.

The breakthrough Papyrus ‘User Trained Agent’ (UTA) makes suggestions after multiple case or work patterns reappear and learns which suggestions are beneficial from staff responses.

Adding constraining and prescribing business rules substantially reduces the total risk, time and cost.

Video: Building Business Solutions using ACM and UTA

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