Deploy the adapt to win stragegy

How does a company continue to innovate? How can it deliver exceptional customer and employee experience? In recent years, companies have had to quickly adapt in order to win. Customers have become more demanding, digitalization has been a focus, self-service has become much more dominant and ad-hoc changes that were perhaps patched on the front-end side need to be replaced with better solutions.

At the same time, customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) are an absolutely strategic priority. To overcome these challenges, organizations must tackle implemented point solutions and eliminate disjointed experiences across processes, tools and workplaces. You will leave the Open House Global Conference inspired by new ideas and practical strategies on how to link customer experience and employee experience to your business operations as part of your experience strategy. The focus is on innovation for customers and employees, and providing the support for your business teams with strong graphical tools that implement the complete end-to-end processes of a business value stream with cross-functional deliverables.

Make customer and employee experience your priority! Investing in the employees’ empowerment makes your teams more effective and productive, and motivates them to stay longer, put in more effort, and provide a better customer experience (CX). Our solution experts will show you how cross-functional fusion teams in your organization can collaborate and deploy end-to-end business values streams, such as customer onboarding, claims or contracts, in a fraction of time and cost compared to coding. This will also demonstrate how you can overcome fragmented processes and align business operations with business outcomes.

You don't have to be a programmer to use the tools. Business analysts, operators or administrators can deliver process, document and operations designs, and train the machine, automate repetitive tasks and quickly respond to unforeseen situations with ad-hoc decisions to provide the top service to the customer. The integrated content services of a Papyrus Platform provide a 360-degree of every customer case, supporting your teams with all information needed for exceptional customer experience right at their fingertips.

Join us at this year’s Open House event, and take advantage of the face-to-face interactions with your peers from around the world! Our live conference gathers like-minded people across many industries, and provides networking opportunities, in-depth sessions on a range of topics, and plenty of solution demos. There is also tremendous value in having an entire team attend, as many sessions run in parallel and provide insights to customer experiences and implementation best practices.

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