Profitable Investment. Not just spending.

When our company was founded in 1988, we saw it as our responsibility to ensure that software was a profitable investment for our customers, and not just an expense. Software architecture, flexibility, long-term stability, quality, compatibility of resources and document applications on all platforms, independence of operating systems and a healthy business were most important from the beginning. We have kept this promise for more than 30 years. We knew that business documents are mission-critical applications with a lifespan of many years. Documents are at the heart of our customers' business; if our customers cannot deliver an invoice or a contract, there is no business!

Today, none of the companies that offered software solutions for document application design and delivery back then is any longer in operation. Firms have gone bankrupt or have been bought out, their software has been discontinued or redeveloped as incompatible versions, or they only support SaaS, which might not be the first choice for customers when it comes to security of their data. Many new companies have been established offering a wider range of point solutions, but do they meet the key sustainability values? Review: The evolution of document design tools.

In consequence, companies with unsupported legacy software have to migrate again and again in order to secure production and keep up with the constant evolution of requirements. That's a lot of effort! Decision makers who opted for software solutions that now need to be replaced certainly did not consider long-term investment, quality and sustainability. Analyst firms did not make the right recommendation either, but were guided by other considerations. The money and time that companies now have to spend on migrations could be invested in innovating their Omni-channel customer communications if they had chosen the right software partner and the right strategy in the first place.

The result of poor decisions in the past is an immense demand for document application migrations today. We receive inquiries about migration almost every other day. But what really amazes me is that companies are still focusing on pure cost-driven migrations, instead of investing in best and most future-proof software solutions that will sustain their business for at least the next 10 years or more. Haven't they learned anything over time? Migrations are the opportunity to make things better. A migration must lead to future-proof structures and assets, otherwise it is not worth the money. Documents are applications with a high strategic value; they need a solid architecture that evolves as part of a long-term strategy with sustainability in mind.

By prioritizing innovative technology, quality and stability, your business can expect low overhead and amazing results for years to come. Take a moment to think about it!

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