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For a number of years, the print and document management industry has hyped Transpromo with high return rates and success, while only very few such solutions are implemented.

Service providers offer Transpromo and messaging, trying to convince customers that it is simple and easy, but these solutions are still very rare. This paper offers a new approach to and view of targeted messaging, in which Business Users have direct influence and control over marketing campaigns and Messages placed in any outgoing media or channel offering additional benefits that standard Transpromo solutions are not offering.

The paper addresses the following questions:

  • Which documents should contain Messages?
  • Under which conditions should Messages be placed?
  • Can the response rate be measured?
  • How can the business define Messages?
  • Ability to define different Messages dependent on the Media?
  • How can duplicate Messages be avoided?
  • After some time a Message should be sent again
  • How can a Message be personalized?
  • How can Campaigns be planned and an overview be provided?
  • Can Messages be interactive when documents are sent electronically?
  • Can Messages be different, based on time, campaigns or seasons?
  • How can we avoid editing document templates when Messages change?

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