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Businesses need to draw from their own unique strength and reconnect with the business users that service their customers.


This document contains a positioning of the ISIS Papyrus Platform as a global business information platform for large enterprises, providing a new interactive approach to optimize all customer service processes including marketing management.

Marketing management software, case management and imbedded CRM promises to reduce costs, boost productivity and grow revenue. But businesses need to draw from their own unique business strengths. Once all businesses have implemented the same (best-of-breed) marketing software by the same best practices they become tied down by the same unchangeable processes. All marketers in all businesses will identify and act on the same customer insights, run the same campaigns, use the same lead management, event triggers and campaign concepts, perform the same analytics, detect the same hard-coded behavior patterns and will thus have absolutely no competitive benefit from using standard software. That caused Nicholas G. Carr to propose in ‘Does IT matter?’ that Information Technology no longer represents a competitive advantage. But what is the alternative?

Business executives and managers need to ensure that an opaque business-to-prospects situation can be converted into a unique employee-to-customer service relationship with long-term customer loyalty. After all, existing customers are the most valuable prospects! A customer-focused business does not need marketing management software with isolated marketing processes from the rest of the business. A truly customer-centric business enables collaboration at any point and at any time in the business process landscape.


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