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Madison Advisors’ Customer Communications Management (CCM) Solutions Market Study, 6th Edition provides an overview of several CCM technology solutions available in the market today. Of particular focus is how each solution innovatively solves the challenges associated with customer communications management, and how these solutions are positioned to keep up with changing technology and consumer demand for a digital experience. This study provides an update on some of the capabilities reviewed in the last Madison Advisors’ Customer Communications Management (CCM) report which included multi-channel delivery, cloud technology, and support for social media. The CCM Solutions Market Study, 6th Edition provides a review of current trends in the market and how each solution is positioned to stay abreast of these trends while meeting the increased requirement of enhancing the customer experience.

Excerpts from the report: ISIS Papyrus CCM Solution

“The most valuable and fastest growing companies are those that use technology to satisfy their customers’ needs in new and visionary ways. Aligning inbound and outbound content, process, and data to satisfy those needs through knowledge work and digital collaboration will streamline the path to adaptive innovation for organizations that are raising the bar on what it means to serve customers.” Max J. Pucher, CTO, ISIS Papyrus

ISIS Papyrus CCM clients have the option to deploy its fully enabled platform in a public or private cloud.

ISIS Papyrus provides response management as a native capability. Due to the dynamic, state-driven and event-driven character of the system, any incoming data and feedback such as a receipt of a letter, phone call, fax, or email arriving on an inbound channel is treated as an event. Events are tracked and immediately handled as tasks in a process which then executes fully automated, semi-automated, or manual business responses based on business rules and the needs of the business.

ISIS Papyrus also features wizard-driven documents that are supported by a thin-client browser architecture. By simply answering prompted questions within the document wizard, business users can easily create complex documents that cater to the specific customer’s needs. The associated document process based on business rules dynamically connects to various back-end services to provide required data in real time, records all business user’s decisions and automatically assembles the custom-designed document, while taking all relevant regulations into consideration and avoiding possible mistakes or omissions.

When creating business rules, the ISIS Papyrus solution checks the logic of the business rule once it has been created. If the rule is written correctly, the user interface displays a green check mark indicating that the system has evaluated the business rule, checked the data type that was input and the accuracy of the rule, immediately providing feedback to the user during the rule creation process.

Madison Advisors views this as a helpful feature, especially when creating complex rules that have multiple layers of if/then conditions.


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