Papyrus Software at Gartner Summits

Join us at the 2019 Deloitte Shared Services Conference and learn how Papyrus Software can lead your organization’s digital transformation initiatives.

Papyrus Software is a Proud Sponsor of this event will be exhibiting on the show floor. Follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Conference Topics

Intelligent automation
Leveraging the full range of automation technologies to transform ways of working and support user experiences through simplified processes

Customer experience / service cognitive design
The importance of reconnecting with your customer – and keeping them at the core of your thinking as you embark on your digital journey

Moving up the value chain
Why everything other than core business is now fair game for shared services, and methodologies to evaluate new opportunities and services

Talent and future of work
Building a talent profile for the future – how do you create, nurture and retain a human workforce for the digital age

Operational effectiveness
Why we cannot forget the basics of efficient, low cost service provision

Governance and SSC business models
How shared services business models continue to evolve

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Gartner EA US
Gartner EA US