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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Markets and businesses grow and shrink in cycles. Each of those cycles brings something new that eventually changes the world we live in, quite naturally. It might seem that within those cycles we must constantly modify our business strategy to be competitive. However, we propose a strategy that encompasses these cycles and enables the business to succeed regardless of trends. This approach not only makes the business more resilient but also more predictable.

It is well documented that such businesses survive better and even thrive in times of radical change. These businesses benefit from a flexible staff that embraces a goal-achievement culture rather than rigid planning. Catastrophic events happen when the rigid planning prohibits the adaptation to constant change.

This perspective has been at the core of our own long-term strategy in our solution portfolio. Rather than ‘destroy and rebuild’ applications to deal with change, we empower the business and its professionals to create content and processes as flexible business resources that evolve over time. Changes in markets, demographics or regulation do not require big projects but become business as usual.

The Papyrus Platform and its Business Designer represent a Process and Content Hub that performs goal-achieving Value Streams. These solutions are mobile-enabled for enterprise use and require less than 20% of project manpower and elapsed time.

Please join us at our Open House and User Conference 2020 to hear and see for yourself how Papyrus Software can make your business resilient and adaptable.

Annemarie Pucher, CEO
Max J. Pucher, CTO

Hot Topics 2020

Papyrus Platform – The Hub

Digital Transformation Roadmap

A digital communication platform brings maximum value when used as a central hub. Spanning across physical and digital, it drives customer experience with support for high-volume output, interactive communications and real-time digital messages with feedback loop. Overcome digital transformation challenges by taking a strategic approach! Unify document templates, allow for creative layouts by business users and deliver in an end-to-end process with real-time dashboards capturing all events in a hub.

A Cockpit for End-to-End Job Management

Papyrus provides tracking, tracing, monitoring and interacting with all enterprise-wide jobs, performing task management, starting with receiving the data and routing it through stages for final multi-channel delivery.

Enterprise Mobile Platform

Enterprise Mobility is at the core of Papyrus Software’s new way of working. With applications running natively on all leading mobile devices, enterprise users can communicate, take actions, track events, send requests and receive notifications with a direct back-office connectivity and smooth interactions with your CRM, BPM, ERP and database systems anytime and anywhere, even when out of the office.

Transparency and Traceability

Papyrus delivers a central cockpit with all channels, users, tasks and activities presented in a unified view to understand which communication and process has taken place, when, with whom and via what channels (inbound and outbound), even when crossing channels in parallel conversations.

Collaborative Content Services – A Better Way to Work

Are you wondering what to do next with your Content Services? Collecting all content (documents, e-mails, messages, voice, chat, photos, videos, drawings and processes) in a central depot increases agility and productivity of knowledge workers by providing all the information at their fingertips!

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – A New Buzzword?

Training machines to intelligently recognize patterns in documents and messages highly automates unstructured content recognition. For many years, Papyrus has used this remarkable technology to increase efficiency, utilizing Papyrus Service Tasks to connect to back-end systems. But what really improves business capability is the ‘User Trained Agent’ (UTA). It applies machine learning for interactive process discovery and pattern recognition.

Facilitated Integration with Existing Applications and Devices

Learn about the benefits of deploying standard SOA Adapters with support for a wide range of protocols in an Enterprise Service Bus.

  • Online channels/portals – Web Services, REST, SOAP, HTTPS
  • E-mail/notifications – SMTP, POP3, MAPI, IMAP, SMS
  • Mainframe – JES 2/3 & CICS, MQ
  • Databases – Oracle, DB2, MS-SQL, ODBC
  • Business application integration – SAP, .Net, FILE, MQ, SNMP, CMIS

Outbound Communications

Omni-Channel Customer Communications

Your customers don’t care about communication channels – they want to start a transaction in one channel and continue it in another, without losing transparency and level of service. This requires a new Omni- channel engagement model that goes beyond disconnected channels, running seamlessly across touchpoints and communication channels with back-office integration in real time. The consistency of a conversation is ensured by linking all interactions to a customer case across the entire customer journey.

Campaign Communications – Marketing Journeys

Make use of communication campaigns as an integral part of your digital marketing. Attractive cross-channel template/message design and user-friendly campaign management with A/B testing can be automatically mailed at the best time of day or week, based on historical data and integrated with the existing CRM engine.

Change Management for Documents – Cost Effective and Efficient

The new Business Designer provides a document/letter process solution with a highly efficient and cost-effective workflow from template creation through change management, approvals and version control to printing and e-delivery.

E-invoicing with Automated Payment Collection

E-invoicing has become an important topic around the world as companies benefit from significant cost savings and enhanced compliance. Papyrus is ready for this global rollout and topics that go beyond. We can use data from any existing enterprise billing system, in any style and format – improving your payment cycle and cash flow with a multi- channel automatic time-triggered Payment Collection Process.

Inbound Capture

User-Trained Inbound E-Mail and Document Capture

Training machines to recognize documents and messages while continuously optimizing data capture is a remarkable technology to increase efficiency. The new Business Designer supports non-technical users to ad-hoc train state-of-the-art classification processes for machine learning, utilizing pattern recognition to increase accuracy and efficiency of data capture in fixed-form and free-form e-mails, scans, fax, PDFs, office documents and handwritten information.

Ready to Start Building Value Streams?

Incident Management – The Way to Customer Engagement Excellence

Most customer service solutions can’t keep up with today’s customer engagement requirements. Customers want to experience a quick and correct response the first time using their preferred communication channel. Companies are looking to deliver satisfying and accurate services while raising employee efficiency. Papyrus Ticketing serves as a new system of engagement across a number of departments, helping companies increase employee productivity and deliver top-notch service for enhanced customer satisfaction.

Customer Contact Center – Here Every Interaction Counts

The value Papyrus Software can bring to your Customer Contact Center is a central cockpit containing contact history, access to customer data, documents and communication channels in a single user interface. Agents can work in different ways toward a common goal in a 360-degree view of the customer and can directly accept requests via telephone, video call and other channels (e-mail, letter, chat etc.) in a single cockpit.

Experience a Mind Shift

Papyrus Converse

Papyrus Converse is the key innovation that gives business professionals the power to design their Value Streams and materialize ideas accurately and quickly. With easy access to expert technology through a radically simplified interface, users can create and execute processes without design, creating their own conversational business applications and delivering outcomes at speed and scale with no coding needed. This technology you cannot afford to overlook.

Think in Value Streams

By utilizing a generic platform solution, the same enabling technology can be used over and over for any value stream and any use case in a number of ways. This versatility allows organizations to eliminate fragmented work and disjoined customer experience, bringing together people, departments and systems across the enterprise to achieve a common goal.

Omni Channel Communication

Adaptive Case Management (ACM) puts users at the center of a process and allows them to intervene and apply their judgment and expertise to adapt to business situations and create exactly what they need, when they need it – achieving the best possible outcomes. ACM empowers the business to model its ‘value streams’ with detailed processes and rules.

Omni Channel Communication

A value stream typically starts with an incoming request via phone, e-mail, portal or printed letter. Such requests can be handled in an automated way or may require human judgment – employees who have the right skills, availability and authority to handle specific types of requests. Work does not need a predefined flow, it requires clear goals and authority assigned to a specific performer.

Virtual Agenda

Monday, 27 April - Sessions


Welcome with coffee


Keynote: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the IT Galaxy
Speaker: Max J. Pucher – CTO Papyrus Software

Global IT expenditures are predicted to pass $5 Trillion in 2020 with 15-20% being focused on software development. The biggest problem is predicted to be the lack of qualified staff. In-house software coding will virtually cease to exist. Outsourcing has reduced the ability to compete in current market dynamics. What is the impact of this on large corporations that need to completely revamp their application landscape? This keynote delivers a guide on how mobile applications in the large enterprise can deliver competitive customer-focused value streams to a younger, more flexible workforce.


Enabling Business Engagement by Thinking in Value Streams
Speaker: Annemarie Pucher – CEO Papyrus Software

A value stream typically starts with an incoming request per phone, e-mail, portal or printed letter. Such requests can be handled in an automated way (RPA) or may require human judgment – employees who have the right skills, availability and authority to handle specific types of requests.


Networking coffee break


Unified document and message design for digital and traditional business

Attractive cross-channel template/message design is supported by the user friendly Business Designer achieving consistency and a ‘One Company - One Voice’ superior customer experience (CX).


Campaign Communications – Marketing Journeys

Experience how business teams can manage and create campaigns for a multi-channel delivery, capturing all communication events allowing for automated and interactive response management.


A Cockpit for 'end-to-end' enterprise job management

Move beyond disconnected Omni-Channel communications and control your outbound channels and the feedback loop in a unified dashboard for the Operator.


Sharing experiences – Guest speaker
Dow Jones: Best Practices using Papyrus Software

Speaker: Diana Caballero, Director Program Management, Dow Jones

How Dow Jones used an agile delivery approach to incrementally roll out Papyrus Software across its Finance Teams – harnessing the tool for our business practices while navigating compliance concerns. Among its goals for this initiative, the Dow Jones team developed content-centric processes and invoice consolidation to present a more seamless customer experience.




Solution Showcase Panel

  • Customer Contact & Service Center – All Roads Lead to Customer Experience
    Solutions must go beyond isolated communication channels, website, email, social, mobile, chat, scans and make information seamlessly available to employees and systems in a 360 degree view. Transparency and increased efficiency are supporting the end goal of enhancing customer experience.
  • Ticketing and Incident Management – A unified UI makes Service Teams more productive
    Papyrus Ticketing serves as a new system of engagement across a number of departments, helping companies increase employee productivity and deliver top-notch service for enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • E-Invoicing multi-channel Payment Collection Process – For improved Cash Flow
    Papyrus e-invoice design and delivery in PDF/HTML and UBL/XML is a full live-cycle solution. But what even more improves your e-invoice process is the integration with the payment data automated by rules (A/B testing) and the multi-channel mailing process.


Networking coffee break

Tuesday, 28 April - Sessions


Welcome with coffee


Keynote: Omni-Channel Communication – A Hub for digital & traditional interactions
Speaker: Annemarie Pucher – CEO Papyrus Software

Excellence in Omni-Channel support needs a CCM platform for achieving an outstanding customer experience.


Blockchain-secured Collaborative Content Services – A better way to work

Knowledge workers need all information at their fingertips for collaborative work in a case. They must find, view, send and possibly resend information. WebPortal access to documents and e-mail utilize the short-term WebArchive to control and monitor real-time, responsive communications with back-office user integration.


Integrating with existing applications and legacy

Simplified integration, interoperability and connectivity asks for a SOA handshake integration agreement - platform independent and loosely coupled - between the enterprise business application and the Papyrus platform.


Networking coffee break


Advanced Capture automates all inbound mail channels

User-trained Capture and teaching the machine to improve the intelligent data capture is a remarkable technology provided by the Papyrus Business Designer being part of the Capture platform. All inbound channels are managed by one single definition and by events, routing mail through the optional steps of classification, extraction and validation and finally into the business workplace.


Adaptive Case Management – Building your Value Streams!

See the full range from straight-through processes through dynamic processes to completely unstructured processes. ACM puts people at the center of a process and allows them to intervene and apply their judgement to adapt to concrete business situations to achieve best possible outcomes. ACM empowers the Business to model its Value Streams with detailed processes and rules.


Papyrus Converse – Technology you cannot afford to ignore!

Experience a mind-shift. With a radically simplified user interface Business can create and execute processes without design, creating their own conversational business applications and delivering outcomes at speed and scale with no coding needed. This brings a whole new perspective on implementation of Business Value Streams.


Analyst Session
IDC: Modernization of Content and Communication Services to Discover New Streams of Connectivity

Speaker: Marci Maddox, IDC Research Director, Enterprise Content Strategies

Disruption is all around us and things are moving faster than we ever thought possible. Drawing from the findings of IDC content and communications research, improving customer experience and digital transformation continue to be high-strategic priorities in today’s always-connected world. Learn how digital transformation involves thinking in terms of business value streams, not just singular communications, where you can unleash the power of connections that make a significant and positive difference to your business.




Enterprise Mobile Platform – The new way of working mobile

Enterprise Mobility is in the core of the new ways of working. Learn about best practices for going mobile and see applications running natively on all leading mobile devices. Smooth interactions with your CRM, BPM, ERP and database systems are possible even when out of the office. Hear real-world success stories and cautionary tales.

General Information


To register for the Digital Open House and User Conference 2020, please visit: www.isis-papyrus.com/register-OHA


Sessions will be held in English and German.


Participation at the Open House and User Conference is free of charge. Registration is required.

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