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    ISIS Papyrus Strategy and User Conference 2018
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    ISIS Papyrus Strategy and User Conference 2018
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    ISIS Papyrus Strategy and User Conference 2018
    Real-world Customer Case Studies
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    ISIS Papyrus Strategy and User Conference 2018
    Viennese charm,
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    this happens only at ISIS Papyrus Conferences!
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Stockholm, Sweden | 24 September 2018

Copenhagen, Denmark | 25 September 2018

Hot Topics

Omni Channel Business Engagement

Customers use three or more channels when contacting companies. This demands a new business model moving beyond disconnected, multichannel communication to offer Omni Channel engagement with real-time back office integration for enhanced customer experience and streamlined operations. The consistency of the message is ensured by end-to-end integrated, seamless customer communications across the customer journey.

Corporate design and approval including Blockchain

Corporate design is enforced and manually generated communications restricted to using pre-approved templates, layouts and resources. Changes to documents are quick, easy and cost effective, passing through an approval process in the award-winning Papyrus Change Management.

Preferred channel delivery

Communication is delivered to each individual in their preferred channel and language. This channel could be an e-mail, WebChat, snail mail, SMS, social or phone. Whichever channel is used is integrated in a single solution to give your sales and customer service agent visibility of all customer contacts and current status, so queries can be resolved quickly and correctly.

Reporting and Monitoring

All channels are presented in a unified view to understand which communication has taken place (outbound/inbound) and which channel was used, even when crossing channels in parallel conversations. Monitoring and reporting tools provide evidence that communications get delivered in a timely manner and identify problems at the earliest point in a conversation.

Omni Channel Communication

Digital Business Correspondence – Human Workflow – Collaboration

Business First is an important concept when implementing a new global business communication solution. A powerful digital approach allows for business creativity and flexibility in multi-lingual product offerings, plus pricing and placement of promotional content across all lines of business. Invoicing customers can be per adhoc request, moving from paper to email and Webportal to avoid payment delays, applying GDPR/EU-DSGVO.

Seamless across physical and digital

Business documents are a critical step in connecting your traditional and digital business channels. It sounds so simple, yet it’s hard in practice to be effective when delivering documents and messages to your customer-preferred channel in an Omni Channel world.

Single Source for Print, PDF and HTML

Creating and managing business documents for physical and digital can be an expensive nightmare. The Papyrus single source document administration is here to help! Document layouts and building blocks are created only once by business teams and reused across templates for e-mail/HTML, Mobile, Web, PDF and AFP print – achieving efficiency, corporate design, precision and quality. How cool is that!

Transforming your Online Business Channel

Doing business online is a critical element of your organization’s existence – it connects you faster and conveniently to customers, prospects and partners. Digital business transformation now demands that we ensure operational support for this external activity, increasing emphasis on how we deliver on the promise of digital business via the online channel.

Campaign Management

The Papyrus ACM-based collaboration platform for campaign management earned the highest honors for digital transformation excellence, agility and high value creation. Creative Services Teams are driving the creation, modification and administration of a large number of marketing and regulated materials with more than 60 media types in nearly 30 languages and more efficient approval cycles to guarantee quality and compliance.

As always a fantastic innovative event.
Very thought provoking. Taking a lot of good ideas away with me.
Gary Robinson, Technical Team Leader, RR Donnelley Global Document Solutions, UK

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Get a first taste of demos and presentations at the Open House 2018

2018 Open House and User Conference Conference Agenda


Welcome with coffee


Keynote: Under The Covers of Digital Transformation
Speaker: Max J. Pucher - CTO Papyrus Software

In addition to the suddenly popular machine learning functionalities, the primary subjects of discussion are in 2018 the opportunities of Digital Transformation (DT). Little is however being said about how to actually achieve it in a reasonable time frame. Content creation and content capture are the key functionalities of Digitalization and a component of DT. From image the path leads to voice and video as Digitalization needs. The final step is to embed these capabilities in an application environment that supports goal-oriented processes between a business, its partners and customers. Max J. Pucher will take with you a look under the covers of DT.


Omni Channel Business Engagement
Speaker: Annemarie Pucher – CEO Papyrus Software

Excellence in Omni Channel support is the ultimate goal achieving an outstanding customer experience.

  • Engaging with both traditional and digital clients on one digital platform
  • Striving to move beyond disconnected multichannel communications (inbound/outbound)
  • Allowing for real-time messaging and integration with existing applications
  • Digital business in real time with e-Signature
  • Live Chat/Chatbot/Social/Web/Mobile interfaces


Networking coffee break


Smart unified document design for physical and digital channels

A strategy to effectively consolidate customer documents for print and digital, achieving efficiency and a ‘One Company - One Voice’ customer communication.

  • Best practices for creating highly personalized and consistent cross-channel business documents
  • Single unified design for print, PDF and HTML reusing content building blocks across formats
  • Inclusion of videos, graphics, charts, personalized messages and promotions
  • Empowerment of business teams to create, extend and maintain templates, layouts, content and rules
  • Modern business correspondence using a Wizard on browser and tablet
  • Migration from MS Word and other PC document formats


Preferred channel delivery with feedback loop

Powerful Postprocessing capabilities and the Automated Document Factory help you to move beyond disconnected multi-channel communications and lets you control your print and e-delivery operations.

  • Best practices transforming from paper to digital
  • Collect output in the Pool, bundle and augment each page with channel specific information
  • HTML5/PDF/SMS/e-mail/mobile, printing considerations and available solutions
  • Monitoring and reporting across e-mail, WebPortal, printing and archiving


Automate and digitize inbound mail channels

Manage all your inbound channels by one single definition and by events, routing mail through the steps of classification, recognition and data extraction to validation and distribution to users in different departments.

  • Supervised learning and continuously improving the intelligent data capture
  • User-trained, multi-channel Inbound Capture
  • Integration with existing hardware, software and applications
  • System monitoring and auditing




Product launch: Papyrus Converse

Experience a mind-shift. This revolutionary new product will help you build business applications for a fraction of the cost and time. Cut years of development down to months and get your ideas to execution through configuration and adoption.


Content Management with human workflow and collaboration

Knowledge workers need all information at their fingertips when processing a case. Customer service and call centers must find, view, send and possibly resend information. WebPortal access to documents and e-mail utilize the short-term archive to control, monitor real-time, responsive communications with back-office user integration.

  • Short-term and long-term archiving via distributed depots
  • Drag-and-drop or directly scan into Archive
  • Automatic indexing for full-text search
  • Archiving of complete case, annotations and comments
  • E-delivery, Mobile and Cloud support


Campaign Management with Targeted Messaging

Creative business teams plan a campaign that stretch across multiple channels. They create the marketing content as text, image or video building blocks and define rules for including such content into highly personalized data-driven business correspondence per e-mail and paper.

  • Creating personalized marketing messages
  • Integration with data and definition of rules for the Campaign
  • Delivery management (e-mail, SMS, portal, Mobile, paper)
  • Tracking, monitoring and reporting with feedback loop (bounced, clicked, opened)
  • Campaign performance analytics


Networking coffee break


Innovation in Adaptive Case Management
Incident Management / Ticketing Framework Solution

A ticket can be a reported issue, a question, an inquiry, a defect or a change request processed over a period of time to achieve a solution or any other type of complex activity before being ‘completed.’ The out-of-the box Papyrus Ticketing framework is fast to implement, adaptable and configurable, and unlike alternatives provides your customer the Omni Channel communication experience.

  • A unified single user interface with a 360-degree view of the ticket case for higher productivity
  • Adaptive processes for exception handling
  • Ticket cases can have related tickets or dependent sub-tickets, all accessed directly from the displayed ticket
Listening to the key individuals enthuse about their product and then
seeing it in action convinced me that this is a good company to work with.
Michael Chaytor, Head of Islands Retail Banking, Lloyds Bank Offshore, UK

General Information


8 June 2018 - Brussels, Belgium

Steigenberger Wiltcher’s
71 Avenue Louise
B-1050 Brussels


T +32-2-542-42-42

24 September 2018 - Stockholm, Sweden

Hotel Skeppsholmen
Gröna gången 1, Box 1616
SE-111 86 Stockholm


T: +46-8-407-23-00

25 September 2018 - Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen Admiral Hotel
Toldbodgade 24-28
DK-1253 Copenhagen


T: +45-33-74-14-14


To register for the ISIS Papyrus Strategy and User Conference please register online: www.isis-papyrus.com/register-SCE


Sessions will be held in English.


ISIS Papyrus will provide coffee breaks and lunch at the conference hotels.


The ISIS Papyrus Strategy and User Conference is free of charge. Registration is required.

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