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Certification Dates, Locations and Prices


USD 600/€ 500

  • March 20, 2015
  • June 19, 2015
  • October 9, 2015





Registration by fax

Please download, complete, sign and fax the registration form.

Registration by fax

Please download, complete, sign and fax the registration form.

ISIS Training Guide 2014 (PDF)

ISIS Training Guide 2014 - English

ISIS Training Guide 2014 - German


Service companies and individuals around the world have approached us to provide services to customers using the Papyrus Document System. To ensure that this is delivered by professionals with a high level of expertise, we have established the ISIS Papyrus Certification Program.


ISIS Papyrus Academy

The mission of this program is to develop and maintain the standards of professionalism using the Papyrus Document System.



Application and Fees:

Choose one of the dates below and contact ISIS Papyrus for your personal training plan to gain the required knowledge. The application fee for each certification is € 500/USD 600.

Certifications can also be held on demand at any ISIS Papyrus location offering trainings or at customer site, provided appropriate facilities are available. Please contact ISIS Marketing for arranging additional appointments.


Certification Maintenance Requirements:

Due to the dynamic environment in which individuals are certified as Papyrus Professionals, it

is imperative for them to remain current with the enhancements and extensions of the Papyrus Platform. Therefore each certified Papyrus Professional is required to attend one update class every year and to be recertified every 3 years.


Prerequisites for the certification renewal are the attendance of the 'Papyrus Upgrade Workshop' and the 'Papyrus Experts Workshop/Module 1 & 2'. Thereafter, recertification can be achieved at any certification date.

Submitting your Application and Fee

Contact ISIS for certification dates and your personal training plan to gain the required knowledge. The application fee for each certification is USD 600/€ 500

Certification Procedure

  • Written theory session (1.5 hr.)
    • Questions related to basic knowledge of the related products
    • Technologies used, project implementations, etc.
    • No additional material allowed (official ISIS documentation, etc.)
  • Practical session (5 hrs.)
    • Based on given input data, layout and workflow definitions, participants design and implement a real live business application on a provided trainee PC using the latest ISIS product suite.
    • Usage of on-line help and ISIS documentation.
  • Oral session (0.5 hr.)
    • Discussion of personal results
  • Certification degrees
    • Passed with 'excellent success'
    • Passed with 'success'
    • Passed

Determining your Eligibility:

To be accepted into one of the different levels of the Papyrus Certification Program, you must meet following eligibility requirements:

Level I: Certified Papyrus Application Developer


Required skills:

  • Understanding of AFPDS and AFP-Triplets, PPFA (OGL, PAGEDEF/FORMDEF), Pagesegments/Images, AFP-Fonts, resolutions and codepages
  • Complex dynamic DOCDEF document application design, charts, tables, text formatting, logic definitions, consolidated document development
  • Reading of different input data formats (linemode, ASCII/EBCDIC, DJDE, SAP, XML, etc.)
  • Basics of Postprocessing/Papyrus PrintPool, indexing, AFP import, database access, barcodes/OMR
  • Papyrus Client AFP viewing, prompting applications, text editor


Recommended ISIS Papyrus Standard Courses:

  • Papyrus Document Design and Formatting Workshop
  • Papyrus Experts Workshop/Module 1 (M1E)

Level II: Certified Papyrus Systems Engineer


Required skills:

  • Certified Papyrus Application Developer with a minimum of 1 year Papyrus experience in the field
  • Presenting two productive DOCDEF applications to the Certification Commission
  • Papyrus Objects planning, design and configuration experience for end-to-end print management solutions
  • Central and remote printing (IPDS, PCL, Postscript, ...) and distribution
  • Printpool installation and basics of administration knowledge (SQL, PQL)
  • Experience with Papyrus Output Management projects (bundling, distribution, postal optimizations)
  • Archiving and output distribution using Internet technology


Recommended ISIS Papyrus Standard Courses:

  • Papyrus Output Management Workshop
  • Papyrus Objects Developer Workshop

Level III: Certified Papyrus Capture Developer


Required skills:

  • Certified Papyrus Systems Engineer
  • Understanding scanning and imaging technologies (formats like TIFF, JPG, BMP; quality criteria, OCR/ICR)
  • Complex variable inbound document analysis and capture strategy definition using Papyrus WebRepository
  • Design of classification and extraction processes
  • Design of ergonomic completion masks within Papyrus WebPortal
  • Skills in implementation of typical Capture Rules and validations


Recommended ISIS Papyrus Standard Courses:

  • Papyrus Capture Solution Workshop including optional modules
  • Papyrus Objects System Administrator Workshop

Level IV: Certified Papyrus Systems Consultant


Required skills:

  • Certified Papyrus Application Developer
  • Certified Papyrus Systems Engineer
  • Certified Papyrus Capture Developer
  • Minimum of 2 years Papyrus experience confirmed by 3 references of successful implementations of the complete Papyrus Platform
  • Presenting the reference installations as slide shows to the Certification Commission
  • Competence in understanding and defining the corporate document system requirements
  • Knowledge of commonly used legacy document systems
  • Presenting the Papyrus Platform
  • Document process support using Papyrus WebRepository


Recommended ISIS Papyrus Standard Courses:

  • Papyrus Business Correspondence Solution Workshop
  • Papyrus Experts Workshop/Module 2 (M2E)


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